What is the News Today

What is the News Today

Trump said: CNN is “low rated”, after being blamed for Bomb Threats.

Trump Vs CNN (News)
Trump Vs CNN

After being blamed for Bomb Threats by CNN, Trump counterattacked by awarding CNN as “Low rated”. Trump expound this to be Funny, and also criticized them for complaining and screaming when He (Mr. Trump) blame them for something.



Approx. 4000 psychiatrists only in India: For a population of 133.92 Crore

mental health in india (News)
Only 4000 Psychiatrists in India

The frequency of serious mentally tangled patients in India is about 6.5%, which will nearly be a total of 87 million people. After a study, we come to the point that there is only one psychiatric for per 22000 mentally ill people.

As we do always know that each and every citizen of a country adds to the GDP and financial growth of the country, India needs to sort out this problem as soon as possible, so that their 87 million people can contribute in their GDP and by doing this they can simply enhance their GDP by 6.5% (simple maths).


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